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Many of us think about property improvements when it comes time to sell our home. As home owners we take great pride in doing some of the more apparent home maintenance - such as keeping up with the yard, and keeping the home tidy and neat. As realtors we have been called to list a property or represent the buyers of a property where we know that the home could command a greater value for the owner if a few more items were tended to.

To help you maximize your home's potential consider the following tips:


Do a regular permitter walk of your house to see anything that made out of place.

  • Is there a crack in the parging of your foundation?
  • Are there any fence boards that need replacing?
  • Has the deck been recently stained?
  • Does…
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We’ve had the privilege to build a strong relationship with many of our local developers over the years. When you imagine what it takes to plan and coordinate the construction of a multi-family development, you can conceive that it takes a special talent to succeed at this for 30 years in Canmore. Devonian Properties has done just this.

Part of what makes Devonian unique is the team lives and works in the community. They have watched the stable expansion of Canmore over the last three decades, which has offered a unique perspective – helping them to grow their business and our community with a sustainable outlook. Being a community member also affords them the understanding of what it takes to develop properties that residents are proud to call home.

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Canmore’s stunning vistas and the ability to choose your own adventure everyday attracts buyers from across Canada and beyond. Now more than ever, we are seeing that those who can work from home want to move to where they can optimize their quality of life. Our community provides residents with a unique experience, and this has led to the current situation where the real estate demand has outpaced the current supply.

Working with an experienced team becomes critical in a market like this. The team of Kamenka & McArdle remains at the top of their game, and continues to outpace any other team in the Valley for real estate transactions. This means they understand how to successfully represent buyers in this sellers’ market and how to maximize value for…

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Spring has arrived in Canmore and Banff, and we continue to see a lot of domestic travellers to the area. If all the projections are correct, the summer of 2021 could see the most visitors to the valley to-date. This is great news for those in the short-term rental market, and wonderful for the local business owners.

2020 was known as the year of the ‘Great Reshuffling,’ where we saw a large number of people relocate from cities to living and working from home in communities like ours. Working from home has allowed many to live where they play, providing a promising improvement to the work-life balance – there are some upsides to the pandemic.

Local trends

Many buyers are looking to move to the world-renowned areas of Canmore and Banff– and who…

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